My name is Damian and I'm a photographer . 
I'm also a husband to my wonderful wife. She is a bright light in my life.
Believe or not I'm also a trained anaesthetic nurse, I always knew that I will work with people and for people. Its quite extreme work but I like it. Thanks to this experience I  developed a skill to see what is deep inside in people, to see their feelings, emotions and needs even without any word. This sensitivity helps me everyday to capture emotions onmy photos, this what makes my approach unique.

Beside this I'm a sport lover, for over 10 years I was a basketball player ( I don't know why I haven't finished in NBA ;) ) Now I'm doing triathlons and maybe one day I will participate in Ironman on Hawaii. 
Mountain Hiking enthusiast, with my wife we climb on peak in French Alps on 4200m high, so far this is the highest peak but many still waiting for us :)

Why I'm a wedding photographer? Because a wedding day is full of emotions, shows who we really are, this is day without any worries, we are just here and now and that what's matter.